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Introducing Songhwa Market

Mr. Cho, Deok Jun : Chief of Songhwa Market Union

Mr. Cho, Deok Jun : Chief of Songhwa Market Union

I’m Fine Songhwa Market Union Chief, Cho Deok Jun

The Songhwa Market was a natural market created by local residents in the 1970s. In 2003, Songhwa Alley Market Shopping Center Promotion Business Cooperative Association was established and the environment improvement project was carried out.

It has been awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy for the second consecutive year in the Housewife Club and the Seoul Metropolitan Government with the love of the residents and customers. In addition, we have parking facilities, customer satisfaction center and delivery service system for customers who come to the market.

We have been selected as a support project for the market development of the street market in 2016, and we have installed the works of famous artists in the Songhwa alley market as ceiling lights. As a result, we are reborn as I’m Fine Songhwa market which provides customers with memories.

It is also affiliated with the Miracle-Medi Special Zone Project in Gangseo-gu, which promotes our traditional market to tourists both at home and abroad. It plays an important role in revitalizing the surrounding commercial area as a tourist spot. In addition, It will be a great strength.

Songhwa market traders will always try to make you feel at home in the traditional market with the best service and quality for the residents and customers.

Thank you again for coming to Songhwa market.

2017. 02 Cho, Deck Jun

Story of the Market

A tale of ‘Dodangjae fountain and the tree of spirit’

Under the Ujang Mountain Valley, there was a spring that washed away the thirst of local residents.
It was said that it was famous for its clean and pure water taste, which is enough to raise the spring water here at the sacrifice at Ujang Mountain. Even now, the villagers are making liquor with this water, which is called “Dodangjae spring water”
Before the 6.25 war, there was a pine tree hundreds of years old right on the fountain.
The villagers cherished this pine tree as a spirit.
Then one day, the wind and the earth screamed so badly that the pine tree fell down.
One of the residents saw the fallen pine tree and brought it home with firewood.

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Pinee – the character of Songhwa Market

How much time has passed?
At the place where the fallen pine tree was, there appeared a squirrel that was not there before.
People thought this squirrel was a god who saved the fallen pine tree and kept it,
It is also called “Pine”, which refers to the pine tree in English, because it is a combination of “be” and “human” that refers to the “function of nature to grow all things” It is said.

To save the fallen pine tree,

Pinee traveled around the world to get good food and herbs.

For a long time Pinee had traveled several places and sought a way to save the pine tree, but eventually he could not find it.

Then one day, he stopped at Songhwa Market near Ujang Mountain to take a rest, and after he ate food and met people, he felt strangely recovered.

Pinee has been in the Songhwa market for a long time,

with honest merchants,

It is said that he lived with good food and sharing many things.

After that, he realized that it is not there in the distant place to find a good medicine he is looking for which saves the pine tree,

but that it was the righteousness and honest food of the people of the Songhwa market.

Since then, there has been a lot of straight pine trees in the area of Ujang Mountain, which received a good aura of Songhwa Market.

The good aura of the Songhwa market has a lot of influence around it,

In the later years, great medical scholars such as Professor Huh Jun of ‘DongUi-Bogam’ came out.

In order to honor this, Songhwa Festival was opened and many people were able to receive the good energy of Songhwa Market.
Even now, it is said that Pinee lives somewhere between the people,
It is said that people are constantly coming for it.

Songhwa Market BI

Songhwa Market is •••


Traditional market full of ``Jeong``

The Songhwa market is famous for its generosity. Good people meet good things in Songhwa market.

Fancy Market: Mural Paintings

The Songhwa market has stunning murals all over the market. Shop around and see the sights.

Convenient public transportation

Songhwa Market is directly connected to Subway Line No. 5, Ujangsan Station. Shop around on your way home.

Parking Lot for Customers

The Songhwa market has no problem if customers enjoy shopping on the passenger car. Please use the customer parking lot.

Convenient shopping

Songhwa market has customer call center, market assistant and delivery system. More convenient shopping is possible.

Special Medical Tourism Zone

Gangseo Miracle-Medi special zone is adjacent to Songhwa market. Click here for more information about medical tourism such as hospital use.

How to come


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